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Here's what our patients have to say

Brittany El.ser

"I originally came into Dr Dan's office because I had sciatic issues and compression in my lower back that was pretty • much debilitating all of the activities that I try to do throughout the day. I have been coming in for acupuncture, traction, adjustments and it has made a complete turnaround from where I was before. 1 am able to walk, stand. bend, and do my day-today activities with zero to no pain. I am happy and satisfied!"

Cheryl Martin

"I stared coming here about 4 weeks ago in March. I had back pain and it was very tight in my neck and we have been doing the laser treatments, the neck popping, and stretches ever since then. I feel so much better; I have more neck movement and I am very happy with how things have progressed. On top of that, the staff is fabulous. they are very friend and helpful and are always in good humor."

Mau Bayer

"Before I came in, I was having back pain all the time and had trouble sleeping through the night. I got recommended by some people at The-Y for my mom. I gave spine mid wellness a call and they have been awesome. They take care of me and they work around my schedule. They have been super nice and friendly. I do really appreciate everything they have done for me. The difference has been night-mid-day. My back pain, I don't even really notice it anymore."

Connie Warfield

"I started coining to Dr. Dan because I was having back pain and pain that was starting in my hip and go down my leg. He was very helpful and very gentle. Within a couple of treatments, I was starting to feel better. He also gave me exercises to do which helped. I have just continued with him because it works. I lave him and the staff they are very good."

Mary Winston

"I had a really bad car accident about two months ago and I have been coming to him since. 1 have definitely improved health-wise. My lower back was hurting. my neck, everything. I was also suffering ,from migraines and I have not had a migraine since I started seeing Dr. Dan. It's all natural healing and I feel a lot better."

Kendra Grout

"When I first came to Dr. Dan, he was kind of a last hope. I had been to a cervical neck orthopedic surgeon and I was possibly facing surgery. Theinkfidly, I found Dr. Dan and he was able to correct my problem. I have not had to face surgery and I am pretty well pain free thanks to this wonderful doctor."

Pastor Clarence Jackson

"I have been coming to Dr. Dan for the past 3 years now. When I got here... I couldn't hardly even walk. After about 4 or 5 treatments, I'm better! I was walking with a limp and I don't have a limp anymore. Dr. Dan's an excellent doctor, staff is excellent, and I appreciate all the expertise that he used to put me back in order. I just thank him for being an excellent doctor, I appreciate his hard work, and I'm just thankful to be here."

Yolanda Moore

"I have been coming to Dr. Dan for about 10 years. I had a lot of back pain and leg pain over the course the years with a couple of accidents... Currently I am able to weight-lift. which I haven't been able to do in a while. because of his modalities, his methods, the therapies that he offers have all been awesome. Have Dr. Dan, I love the people that work with him, and I will continue to come to Dr. Dan until his arms or my arms fall off whichever the two."

Eunice Hardiman

"I have been going to Dr. Dan for about 4 months now. I came in with a badly injured knee from injuries and falls over the last 15 to 20 years. I was told by a physician that it was nearly bone-on-bone and I should consider surgery. I bumped into someone that told me about Dr. Dan. I started to come to Dr. Dan, I could barely walk and my knee was hurting so badly, but after about 3 visits, the pain became less and less. I'm not quite pain free, but I am a long way from where I was. I enjoy the treatments. I have learned a lot, and I look forward to getting even better. Dr. Dan is great and so is his staff I would suggest any and everyone to give Dr. Dan a try."

Tim Duvall

"I was getting Chiropractic help .from another clinic, and they helped some, but since I've been here with Dr. Dan, he has taken away the major pain that I was experiencing and he has done a wondeifid job. It's so much better than it was before!"

Rosa Duvall

"I was having problems with sciatica and nothing seems to help it. Physical therapy helped a little bit, but Dr. Dan was highly recommended although I was a little shy about chiropractic. I came to see him and I'm glad I did because I feel so much better. The sciatica is pretty much gone. I don't have to use my walker or my cane and I'm getting along pretty' well. Thank you Dr. Dan! "